Something i found while looking for an article about the animation in Tom and Jerry, could be useful.

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What I’m currently watching

Usually I am more into anime and tend to be watching them, but variety is the spice of life and so its always a good idea to sometimes dip a toe into more traditional western animation (especially if its an animation of a story from the brilliant Discworld series of books by Sir Terry Pratchett)

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Advert Analysis

As an exercise in ananlysing adverts as we did previously in a lecture with one of the earlier guiness ads i have decided to to go on YouTube and type in advert with one keyword. To select my keyword I just had a quick look around my room and saw my Flight of the Concords poster so I’m going to use flight as my keyword, lets see what comes up.

The first ad that came up was the new Virgin Atlantic advert. This ad is clearly using the current fad of super hero movies brought on by the smash hit the avengers was and its set up films that has firmly brought hero movies into the main streams eye. It achieves this by use of music being very grand orchestral and super hero esq, the actual ad itself could be a super hero film up until about one minutes four seconds in.

It also uses common super hero shots, such as the sun being glimpsed over the earth like in most superman films and the micro shot of DNA with one of the strands glowing red like you might have seen in any given X-men film it even has one of the characters in their crib in the beginning in a garden out front a big mansion affecting a sort of Bruce Wayne’y Batman feel, it has the peter parker’y Spiderman looking child with the big glasses and nerdy look. This ad is definitely working hard to take your fond memories of super hero films you may have watched and then associate them towards Virgin Atlantic.

Now the question is why are they doing this, what can we gleam from this about who they think there target audience is. Well we can gather it would be somone of an age to either be a fan of current super hero films or be somone who watched old classic super hero films and now when they have resurfaced in this new craze be a fan again and remember the times of the old superman/batman films. a quick google search reveales that the first superman film was released late 70’s so the people who would remember that fondly are the people who would of been either in childhood at that stage to 20’s probably, also probably male if i had to guess so that works out that the people that would appeal to would be people of the prime age to be booking flights.

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Fear of the Unknown poster

Fear of the Unknown poster

The poster has almost the entire frame filled with this ominous silhouette witch represents the fear of the unknown. the other shapes in the background represent things that are caused by the fear of the unknown but because of the unknowns mysterious nature the silhouette is only visibly distinct from the background via the things that it causes.

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The illusive Ice Cream truck

Unfortunately our plan to track down an ice cream truck and get its music to put over the beach bit of our foley scene didn’t quite go as planned. We went to everywhere we could think of to find an ice cream truck but considering its winter it was to no avail and we did not get the intended ice cream truck sound that we so desired.

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Fear of the Unknown: once a help, now a hinderance

Once upon a time there was a caveman, this caveman saw a thing that he hadn’t seen before so he hid and feared this unknown thing. Another caveman did not have fear of the unknown, so he walked straight up to this new unknown thing and poked it. Unfortunately for caveman number 2 the thing was in fact a sabre tooth tiger, he was quickly eaten and needless to say didn’t manage to pass on his DNA to create the modern homo-sapiens it was in fact only the cavemen who feared the unknown that passed on their genetics therefore creating the species we are today. Because without fear of the unknown we would not be alive today and society wouldn’t exist.

So i know what you thinking “hay the fear of the unknown was one of the things that helped us survive and you can use it to make a great horror film, its great” and you would be right on some accounts. But that is not the only thing that the fear of the unknown has caused.

Unfortunately fear of the unknown is what causes racism, homophobia and most other irrational hatreds between two races, creeds or sexes. Just by having a different mind set or look on the world or even colour of skin can cause people to not understand each other, making the other person an unknown therefore causing them to fear that other person and as Yoda said “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate” granted it may seem out of place quoting a small green alien in this post, but despite being fictional the little Jedi master was right. This fear that for instance homophobic people have for homosexuals just because they are different and therefore an unknown causes them to change that fear to anger and in turn that anger to hate.

Its sad, something that caused us to become the dominant species on earth has also caused such horrible things.

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The Root of Fears

The Fear of the Unknown is the root of almost all other fears, granted there are exceptions as there is in most things but a majority of fears have their roots placed firmly in the unknown factor.

For instance take someone who has a fear of bugs, if you asked them why they fear bugs they will usually respond with something vague or unclear something along the lines of ‘Its their legs’ or ‘Its their eyes’. The reason for this squeamishness and general fear of these usually harmless creatures is because of the unknown enigma factor of there workings. Because the person who fears them doesn’t have six legs or four eyes it makes it very difficult to familiarize yourself with the bug making them an unknown and therefore scary.

Think about it most animal fears are directed at the animals that are most different from ourselves like birds and bugs because of how different they are making them more of an unknown and so scary. For instance one of my biggest fears is something giant swimming under me wile at sea, but it is not the being eaten I am afraid of. It is the unknownness of this imagined leviathan that scares me the most, the sheer terror of being at the mercy of a pure unknown that gets my skin crawling.

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